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#EatsMoreFunInThePhilippines Goes Viral In Bi-Coastal Food Influencer Campaign

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

USA - May 3rd, 2022 - New York City, Food is life in the Philippines. With a wondrous potpourri of Western, Eastern and more than 100 local ethnic influences woven into their cuisine, and culture, Filipinos will find any excuse to eat. It’s a well-known adage that you get the heart and soul of culture through its cuisine, and nowhere in the world does a culture come alive more than in the Philippines. As the world erupts from Covid and pandemic travel restrictions, the Philippines Department of Tourism in San Francisco decided to celebrate and reacquaint the world to the magic of the Philippines over a good meal.

The EatsMoreFuninthePhilippines social media campaign invited top social media food influencers on both coasts to experience the tantalizing tastes of this island nation with top chefs and restaurants in New York City and San Francisco. Both cities feature large Filipino populations, notable Filipino restaurants, and exceptional cuisine that embodies the nation’s global reputation for food and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Top rated influencers, such as @AllieEats and @BeFatBeHappy, and several other hungry influencers (noted below), waded deeply into the Filipino food scene in each city, hitting famed restaurants, including Tradysion in NYC and Alnico in San Francisco, among many others. One look at the posts and you’ll be swept away to an island nation that encompasses a deep and rich cultural history that combines urban sophistication, local wonders, mind-boggling landscapes and world class tropical resorts. With a range of casual comfort food to James Beard Award-winning sophisticated taste experiences that reflect the Philippines itself, staples like Ube Pancakes to Beef Mechado and Pochero to Pininyahang Manok will leave you breathlessly wishing for more.

The Philippines has become increasingly relevant for today’s discerning traveler, adventure travelers, scuba divers, surfers, families, couples and foodies everywhere. It’s that rare destination brimming with authenticity and unparalleled experiences. It’s nestled in the Western Pacific in the Southeast Asia region and includes more than 7,640 islands. In addition to its celebrated food culture, there are endless ocean views that always capture the heart, and some of the world’s most exhilarating and famous scuba diving. Where there’s islands, eating and scuba diving there are sunsets, beaches and 19 of the world UNESCO World Heritage Sites that range from the Chocolate Hills National Monument to the Historic City of Vigan.

Philippines Department of Tourism, San Francisco’s Senior Tourism Operations Officer, Zeny Pallugna notes. “We’re excited to open our country to the world again and could think of no better way to inspire travelers than through our food. We have such great diversity of flavors, culture and things to do in the Philippines, and there’s no better way to understand this than eating the Pinoy way. Except, of course, going to the Philippines to experience it first-hand.”

The influencers participating in the Filipino food extravaganza included:

San Francisco

New York City

Participating Restaurants

San Francisco

New York City

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