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Greener Pastures Launches 3 Exciting Tours Under The Series - Discover Arunachal Pradesh

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Greener Pastures, an eco-tourism company based in Northeast India launches 3 exciting tours under the series - Discover Arunachal Pradesh. The tours are Tribal Lands (10D/9N), Proverbial Tawang (9D/8N), and The Far East (8D/7N).

INDIA - November 9th, 2022 - Starting out in 2011, as a small adventure between friends, Greener Pastures has grown today to encompass a network of travel enthusiasts, local guides, boutique properties, and tribal homestays, along with well-established and tested route maps, and expert knowledge of travel logistics in the region. With much experience of traveling and organizing tours to these remote lands, the team at Greener Pastures is super excited to launch these new tours and bring to the traveler an enriching experience of this mystical land and its people.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the least explored destinations in the country and has much to offer to a traveler. It is an amalgam of colorful tribes living in remote villages in the Eastern Himalayan valleys. These tribes are known to still preserve and practice their ancient way of life; away from modernity, sustaining mainly on their relationship with nature. The region is also blessed with incredible natural beauty of virgin landscapes, crystal-clear rivers, rainforests, and mountain peaks on the horizon.

Discover Arunachal Pradesh – Tribal Lands tour (10D/9N) is specially designed for the culture buff and involves a close interaction with the animist tribes of the Apatani at Ziro valley, the Adi tribe in the Siang valley and The Tagin tribe in the Subansari valley. The highlight of this tour are the tribal homestays which offer the guests an opportunity to experience the tribal, nature-based, and sustainable way of life and learn from the elders the ancient wisdom they possess and sustain.

Discover Arunachal Pradesh – Proverbial Tawang tour (9D/8N) takes travelers into the Himalayan highlands of Western Arunachal, a land that is dominated by Tibetan- Buddhist monasteries, prayer flags, and snow-capped mountains and inhabited by the hospitable Monpa tribe. The highlight of this tour is the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere that this place is endowed with, visits to monasteries, and an enchanting journey through beautiful valleys and high passes of the Eastern Himalayas.

Discover Arunachal Pradesh – The Far East (8D/7N) is a one-of-a-kind journey that explores some of the most Eastern frontiers of the country. Places that very few travelers have reached and valleys that have been left untouched for millennia. This road trip leads you across three virgin valleys of the rivers – Lohit, Dihing, and Debang; each inhabited by a Mishmi sub-tribe. It is a journey to a land of pristine natural beauty combined with the thrill of exploring the unknown.

We had a word with Vaivhav Todi, the director of the company about their new launch -

“We are really happy to restart our operations this year after a long break due to the pandemic. It has been really motivating to get a good response from travelers, especially a lot of our old travelers who have visited again this year. Coming to the 3 new tours that we have launched; I think they are an interesting introduction to the state of Arunachal, be it the Buddhist Western part or the Central region where we find some really fascinating tribes such as the Adi and the Apatani; and my favorite part which is the Eastern part of the state where the forest is never ending and you get this feeling of mystique.”

Greener Pastures is a sustainable eco-tourism company based in Northeast India. It organizes responsible tours and adventures to exotic places, with a prime focus on uplifting local communities and safeguarding the environment while bringing to the traveler an immersive and cherished travel experience.

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