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HolidayCheck and The Trip Boutique partner up to offer hyper-personalized itineraries

December 9th, 2022 - HolidayCheck, a leading German-speaking OTA, and The Trip Boutique announce a partnership to offer AI-powered 1x1 travel advisory for HolidayCheck Premium, a subscription program that provides benefits such as exclusive access to deals, special offers, and top discounts from selected partners for its members. All HolidayCheck Premium members can get travel plans tailored to their individual preferences and tastes in all of The Trip Boutique's city destinations. These hyper-personalized travel itineraries produced by The Trip Boutique include curated recommendations of HolidayCheck hotels and much more: the best-matching dining options, sights, shops, bars, activities - everything to make Premium members’ holidays unique.

The Trip Boutique's service combines artificial intelligence with local expert knowledge to provide personalized advisory that saves travelers the time and effort to plan their trips. Besides offering individual recommendations of things to do and see in a destination, The Trip Boutique’s intelligent systems also suggest daily itineraries with proposed times for maximum convenience.


The new service helps HolidayCheck Premium deliver more personalized offers, inspire its members and thus create a fun and stress-free travel planning experience.

Christoph Ludmann, CEO of HolidayCheck AG says: “The AI-based technology developed by The Trip Boutique adds real value for travelers, as it helps them make the best of their valuable time at the destination. We are convinced that this cooperation will strengthen our capabilities with respect to personalization and inspiration, enriching the travel experience for our customers.”

Steffen Ketterer, Business Lead of HolidayCheck Premium adds: “We are delighted that we can offer the benefit of personalized travel advice to HolidayCheck Premium members so that they can discover their destination in a convenient and innovative way. This offering is a step forward to transform the experience of Premium members towards more personalized travel services.”

With The Trip Boutique’s digital travel advice service, HolidayCheck underscores its customer focus and brings innovation to its relationship with Premium members by providing them with the best recommendations at every step of their trip.

“At The Trip Boutique, our mission is to give travel brands the superpowers to offer hyper-personalized travel advisory to their clients, so that travelers feel inspired and find what they love at their destination,” says Fernanda Barrence Mutz, CEO and co-founder of The Trip Boutique. “We’re excited to work with HolidayCheck Premium to reimagine the way its members plan and book their trips while boosting the business intelligence", she adds.

This partnership with a leading OTA also marks an important milestone for The Trip Boutique’s novel B2B travel-as-a-service offering.

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Karl Sigurdsson - Senior Contributor

Karl is a senior contributor at and knows the European travel industry inside out. Karl is a freelance travel writer specialising in the European market. Karl studied at both Stockholm University and Reading University.


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