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State Of Yucatán Ends 2020 With A New International Route

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Volaris will operate the new route from Oakland as of January 18 of next year. With almost 70% of the domestic routes recovered and 75% of the international ones by December 2020, Yucatán closes the year with excellent air connectivity against Covid-19.

State Of Yucatán Ends 2020 With A New International Route

December 7th, 2020 - 2020, being an unprecedented year in terms of the global crisis caused by Covid-19 that seriously affected tourism and consequently airlines, the state of Yucatan Ministry of Tourism, in adherence to the policies of the Economic Reactivation Program, kept in constant communication with the different airlines that serve Yucatán, enrolling them to participate in the Good Health Practices Certification of Yucatán and of the different health care measures that were implemented; always prioritizing the health of the Yucatecan population. From this reactivation, the Yucatan Ministry of Tourism worked closely with the airlines to recover in a gradual and orderly manner, given the needs of each destination, reactivating the different routes that connect the state.

Volaris announced that 2021 will start with the arrival of a new international route, coming from Oakland, on January 18 an A320 type aircraft with 174 available seats will touch Mayan lands every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Ticket sales are now available on the airline's portal.

The airline is operating six national routes to Yucatán with very good results, and the route from Oakland will be added, with which the airline will have its first international route to Mérida, which will serve to unite the entire community of Yucatecans living in the Bay Area and thus one more of the commitments agreed with Sefotur is fulfilled, said Miguel Aguíñiga, Director of Market Development at Volaris.

With this new route, Yucatán adds a total of five international routes, Miami, Houston, and Havana operating before the end of the year, while Toronto remains on hold for 2021.

In this regard, Michelle Fridman, Ministry of Tourism of Yucatan, assured that this new route complements the connectivity with the United States in three points, to the East with Miami, Downtown through Houston and the West Coast with Oakland, this last point being an important anchor for visitors from San Francisco, San José California and Sacramento.

After the full closure of tourist activities in Yucatan, the recovery of air connectivity has improved significantly, of the total of 13 domestic routes that operated until February 2020, by December, nine of these have been recovered, which is equivalent to 69.2 percent of the routes or 17,451 seats.

Prior to the declaration of a pandemic by Covid-19, Yucatán was connected through four direct routes with other countries, by December of this year, international connectivity in the State has recovered three of these routes, which is equivalent to 75% recovery with Miami, Houston and La Havana. Yucatán has recovered a total of 131 weekly flights and more than 19,000 seats on national and international routes.

Regarding this important recovery percentage, Michelle Fridman Hirsch, head of the Yucatán Ministry of Tourism commented, “Since the beginning of the Administration headed by Governor Mauricio Vila, we have worked altogether with the airport and different airlines to increase connectivity of Yucatán, including the maritime and terrestrial, through different alliances and in improving our biosecurity protocols that allow us to generate confidence to our visitors and allow us to protect those who work in this industry, but also, to reopen tourism in Yucatan, taking care of all the Yucatecans”.

Volaris will go from two to four weekly flights on the route from Tijuana as of December 4th; American Airlines, that received the first reactivation flight on the Houston - Mérida route this December 1st due to the holiday season, will increase this route, from six to seven weekly flights on December 17, which represents an increase from almost 600 weekly seats to 1050 by end of 2020.

While Aeroméxico operates 44 weekly flights on its Mexico - Mérida route; Volaris will increase its frequencies from 17 to 19 weekly flights on this same route as of December 16th and Viva Aerobús from 15 to 18 flights, in addition to increasing from four to five weekly flights on the route from Guadalajara, starting on December 18 and 19 respectively.

Volaris is an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), with point-to-point operations, serving Mexico, the United States and Central America. Volaris offers low base fares to build its market, providing quality service and extensive customer choice. Volaris targets passengers who are visiting friends and relatives, cost-conscious business people and leisure travelers in Mexico and to select destinations in the United States and Central America. Volaris has received the ESR Award for Social Corporate Responsibility for seven consecutive years.

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