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Tamarind Hills Chosen By Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority To Showcase 2022 Romance Initiative

Updated: May 25, 2022

To launch their 2022 #LoveandWanderlust campaign, the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority selected Tamarind Hills to showcase the islands trademark romance and luxury product

USA - April 19th, 2022 - New York City: With a rapidly rising reputation for exclusivity, romance and luxury, Tamarind Hills was chosen to host the launch of ABTA’s Love & Wanderlust campaign featuring top social media influencers. With refined concierge services that range from private chefs to helicopter transfers, Tamarind Hills was chosen because of its exceptional combination of location, discretion and indulgent amenities that embody the island’s global reputation for romance.

With an effortless barefoot elegance and world-famous beaches, Antigua and Barbuda garnered the title of “The most romantic island in the Caribbean” four years in a row and has enjoyed a firm place on the top of couple’s travel wish lists.

To build on their global reputation for romance as the world returns to travel, the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority launched a Love & Wanderlust campaign to both highlight and reacquaint travelers with its trademark experience. The tourism authority chose Tamarind Hills, with its rapidly growing international status, celebrity clientele and a one-of-a-kind luxury experience to host the campaign’s influencers and wrap them in unforgettable romance.

Tamarind Hills has become increasingly relevant for today’s discerning traveler and enamored couples everywhere. It’s that rare resort where privacy, authenticity and unparalleled luxury services converge. It’s also nestled between two of the most famous beaches on Antigua, Ffryes and Darkwood Beaches, and has celebrated endless ocean views that always capture the heart, especially as the soft and striking colors of sunset paint the horizon.

It’s easy to see how discriminating guests gravitate to this exclusive enclave, and why the tourism board specifically selected this exceptional resort to remind the world why Antigua and Barbuda is the place to fall in love again.

Tamarind Hills General Manager Keith Martel personally welcomed the influencer couples and left them starry-eyed with the Tamarind Hills experience. “We brought in a personal chef for each couple and put together a memorable romance package that raised the bar even for us. Private twilight dinner on the terrace of one of our elegant villas was just the beginning. Details, delight and a touch of indulgence matter at Tamarind Hills. You really need to see their social stories to get the full experience. We were thrilled the ABTA selected us for this important campaign.”

In summer of 2022, Tamarind Hills will expand on its reputation with the opening of what will soon be the place to be seen in Antigua, a dreamy cocktail bar overlooking the soft sands of Ffryes Beach. They’re currently welcoming suggestions for the Tamarind Hill’s exclusive cocktail.

Antigua & Barbuda has long been singled out as one of the world’s most romantic destinations of the world. The island nation has unparalleled history, extraordinary nature and authentic local culture experiences. Antigua’s strong sense of place and authenticity separates it from many islands in the Caribbean that have lost their sense of place and unique identity. Antigua and Barbuda maintain a genuine and welcoming cultural and natural heritage.

Tamarind Hills sits at the pinnacle of the Antiguan luxury experience. With exquisite attention to detail and such amenities as a private chef, helicopter transfers and expansive private villas that make you feel instantly at home, and a unparalleled location overlooking the best beaches on the island, it’s no wonder it has captivated the attention of the luxury-minded travelers looking for privacy, discretion and an ultimate experience.

The Tamarind Hills influencers stories for the Love & Wanderlust campaign, can be seen here.

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