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Travel to Socotra island quarantine-free with a direct flight from Abu Dhabi

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Special welcome back tour to Socotra starting from $130 per night

Hellosocotra travel agency launches a special welcome back tour to Socotra starting from $130 per night this November, with accommodation, food, transportation and guided tour all included. Hellosocotra is a Socotra and Yemen based tour operator specialising in expedition tours since 2007. Hellosocotra can issue entry visas and book the flights to and from Socotra.

The tourism season in Socotra starts from mid-October and lasts until mid-May each year, with an average temperature of 28c. Socotra is very safe and far from the conflicts on the Yemen mainland. More than 200 tourists organised by local tour operators visited Socotra last season, some of them are well-known travel adventurers and photographers.

Mr. Hareth, the general manager of Hellosocotra said, "This season looks very promising, we have received 30 plus confirmed bookings and over 80 inquires since May this year. With more people getting vaccinated and the easing of covid-19 restrictions in many countries around the globe, a huge amount of adventure seekers will be looking to travel to new and unique destinations and we are hoping Socotra is going to be on top of their list."

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