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Ultimate Concept Home Rentals - A Trend Attracting A-Lister Celebrities In Their Droves

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Jaw dropping concept rentals attracting Celebrity A listers

USA - December 23rd, 2021 - We all know how much our celebs love their covert trips to Disneyworld Florida but there’s a new trend emerging in Orlando that is attracting them in droves - and it’s all down to some rather insane interior and exterior design features.

Whilst last year it was movie themed bedrooms, now, these Vacation Homes have their own Waterpark, Casinos, Racing Simulators, Laser Quest rooms, Lazy river and one creative home owner has even installed an indoor Railway Station no less. Yep, these are the Orlando homes that have fast become the new vogue for the rich and famous and has property owners vying for the latest jaw-dropping idea. One recent owner put in a private Drive-in cinema in the house, to be quickly trumped by an owner next door installing a commercial bowling alley, equipped with hot dog bar and amusement arcade – the competition for celeb rentals is rife.

Kerrie Potts, owner of who specialise in offering guests the chance to spend a week in an ultimate concept home comments “Our owners are literally uber competitive and dream up new concepts every day - we wouldn’t be surprised if we were asked to list a home with a roller coaster next – no kidding. We already have waterslides, and the celebrities can’t get enough of it!!”

Kerrie Potts adds “Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you walk into the next house and there’s a giant tree and forest in the atrium or even a space ship. It’s all rather fun and as a result, guests can’t wait to stay”.

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