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WTO Calls For Tourism Reactivation While Visiting State Of Yucatán

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Pololikashvili: State of Yucatan as an example of good tourism practices and asked for the return of tourism in a safe manner

MEXICO - July 7th, 2021 - Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) visited the state of Yucatán for the first-time last week when took part of a tour of the state alongside Mexico’s Minister of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, and state of Yucatan’s Minister of Tourism Michelle Fridman.

During his tour, he was able to experience some of the most emblematic attractions of the destination, highlighting the diversity, product innovation, but above all, the sustainable and biosafety practices that prevail in the destination.

The three-day visit showcased the Ministry’s proactive campaign to bring tourism back to the destination in a safe manner, an initiative that awarded the state the WTO’s Safe Stamp early in its reopening and was once again celebrated, this time by Pololikashvili who spoke of the “state of Yucatan as an example of good tourism practices and asked for the return of tourism in a safe manner during a press conference from one of the state’s UNESCO World Wonder Chichen Itza.

During the visit, the state of Yucatan made its official request to be included as a member of the WTO, which will be reviewed UNWTO General Assembly that will take place next October in Morocco.

Other locations visited during the tour, where the Mayan Villages, the Magical Towns of Maní, Izamal and Valladolid and Archaeological Zones, the Government of Yucatán, through the Yucatan’s Ministry of Tourism (Sefotur) and in coordination with the INAH and other agencies of the Mexican government, made a supervision visit in Uxmal, to learn about the new Uxmal sound and light show or videomapping that will replace the one planned since 1975.

"It is the first time that I visit Yucatan, I want to thank Secretary Michelle Fridman and Secretary Torruco for this great experience, it is a diverse destination with a great mix of experiences, in Yucatan there is culture, history, adventure and rural tourism, which is a priority for UNWTO in the next three to four years. The state of Yucatán is an example in terms of rural tourism and good practices, that is why it was congruent to come and visit,” he assured in an interview.

UNWTO supports rural tourism for its inclusive and sustainable quality, considering it a great vehicle for economic and social recovery: “I believe that we started these first steps from Yucatan, which is a great example, so we want to take advantage of it to use it as a pilot, firstly, to initiate and reactivate tourism and secondly, to see what kind of products there are in rural tourism”, he added.

He highlighted that Mexico is one of the pioneer countries in the growth of tourism in this sector due to the Magical Towns Program program and has historically been a leading destination.

From the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá, a modern wonder of the world, he issued a message to the international community to reactivate travel within a framework of responsibility: “We are really very happy to see that tourists are coming to visit Chichén Itzá, we are full as you will be able to see, as an International Tourism point with the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco and the Secretary of Tourism of Yucatan, my friend Michelle Fridman ”.

“We are very happy that people have already started coming to the tours, we see them moving everywhere. The shops are open. We can appreciate that summer is almost here, and we hope it will be better than last year. As well as making it known that all tourists are welcome in Mexico and in the world. I feel that it is a good start to reactivate tourism,” he continued.

He finally congratulated the Government of Yucatan, for the sustainability on which they have built the tourism development of the state, "that without a doubt is a balance between infrastructure, sustainability and development."

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