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Do Travelers Take Trips Or Do Trips Take Travelers?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

This Adventure takes Travelers on A Blind Date with the World

UNITED STATES - November 8th, 2022 - LOS ANGELES, USA

Traveling is not as adventurous as it once was. Been There. Done that. What’s next?

The Global Scavenger Hunt asks the provocative question: When was the last time you did something for the first time? And the answer is: It has been too long!

This annual travel adventure adds a unique twist to travel by taking thrill-seekers out of their comfort zones and taking them on A Blind Date with the World to ten mystery countries scattered around the globe over 23-days next Spring. Think about it: You know when you will be traveling around-the-world, but not where you will be traveling to!

The Global Scavenger Hunt takes an exclusive group of just 15 two-person teams visiting at least ten countries over three weeks between the 14th of April and the 6th of May 2023. The world travel championship's philosophy is that anyone can get to a place — to be somewhere — but having travelers figure out thoughtfully crafted and curated scavenges once they get there — Wherever there is? — Is just part of this ultimate adventure. This is not your parent's travel adventure!

“We maintain people don’t take adventures, that adventures should take people. And the best trips take people out of their comfort zones,” chuckles William D. Chalmers, the Event Director. “Having visited 85 countries in 15 years, we are advocates of creative and experiential travel — always looking to bring back the magic of travel by letting our would-be adventurers be creative, resourceful, and enjoy the serendipity of travel.”

The Global Scavenger Hunt travel adventure has travelers using their Travel IQ to complete a series of authentic, challenging, and highly-participatory site-doing scavenges. All immersive micro-adventures. In a competition against other great travelers, all vying for The World's Greatest Travelers trophy — and a FREE trip around the world. The world travel championship event is life-changing for participants. This transformational journey is life-changing.

Conde Nast Traveler calls it “The best trip to take....” Outside magazine bills it as “One of the most amazing trips in the world!” National Geographic says it’s “Like Survivor, the Amazing Race…all rolled into one except with much more cultural interaction.”

The title of The World’s Greatest Travelers and winning a free trip around the world to defend their titles in 2024 is on the line, awaiting travelers worthy enough to win the 16th edition of the world travel championship that begins on the 14th of April 2023.

The 23-day international event is limited to 15 teams of two, with the US$28,000 per team entry fee including: all international airfare, first-class hotels, 40% of meals, and special event-sponsored travel gear. Single travelers are welcome to apply with all travelers interviewed for suitability.

About The Author

Karl Sigurdsson - Senior Contributor

Karl is a senior contributor at and knows the European travel industry inside out. Karl is a freelance travel writer specialising in the European market. Karl studied at both Stockholm University and Reading University.


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