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Explorient Expands Tour Offering To Include Latin America

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Explorient expands service to South America with vacation packages to Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia

USA - February 24th, 2021 - Explorient Travel Services, Inc., a tour operator that designs and delivers high-end vacation experiences to Asia for over a quarter century, announces that it will be expanding operations to South America in 2021.

Taking the opportunity to regroup during COVID-19 and emerge stronger in a post-pandemic world, Explorient offers a suite of travel packages to South America beginning early 2021. The initial launch will include a small crafted selection of upscale tours to Peru, Chile, Ecuador & Colombia.

These destinations were specifically chosen for their off-the-beaten-path appeal and the unique, multi-faceted vacation experiences they offer in the areas of history, culture, nature, adventure and food. Consistent with Explorient’s tour products throughout Asia, these Latin America vacations feature private tours, 4 and 5-star hotels that are as unique as the destinations themselves, immersive cultural experiences with opportunities for interactions with the local people in a meaningful way, and an myriad of outdoorsy adventures.

When developing these tours, large emphases were placed on choosing the right set of destinations and activities that best represent each country while keeping the traveler fully engaged. For example, Explorient’s 12-day Majestic Peru tour feature the main sights of the Peruvian capital along with a night out to experience world-class Peruvian cuisine; ruins-hopping in beautiful Sacred Valley to trace the footsteps of the great Incan empire; checking off the bucket-list trekking magnificent Machu Picchu; strolling and sampling street food in the quaint Incan-Spanish Colonial city of Cuzco, and exploring the Amazon Jungle rainforest by foot and by canoe.

In Colombia, travelers will get a chance to see first-hand the country’s impressive transformation from being a once dangerous country infamous for its drug trade to one of the most intriguing up-and-coming tourist destinations in the world; combine adventure and R&R up in the Sierra Nevada and on the pristine shores of the Caribbean Coast; and soak up bustling Cartagena sailing the Rosario Islands by day and rum-tasting by night.

In Ecuador, travelers will have the option of visiting indigenous villages, volcano trekking and horseback riding in the largely undiscovered mainland of Ecuador; or embark on a week-long cruise of the famed Galapagos to observe spectacular wildlife on board a luxury yacht -- or, combine both tours to get the best of both worlds.

Finally, there is Chile where the visitor is rewarded with a plethora of breathtaking, out-of-this-world natural wonders such as the glaciers of Patagonia, the desert and night skies of Atacama, and snowcapped volcanos and alpine lakes of the Lakes District. In addition to the tours available on, any of their Latin American vacations can be fully customized to suit just about any traveler’s interests and requirements.

Moving forward, Explorient sees South America as one of the fastest growing tourism destinations particularly for U.S. and Canada travelers in the post-pandemic world, and plans to augment its tour offerings by adding fresh itineraries and new destinations as it continues increase its footprint in South America.

Headquarted in Stamford Conn., Explorient Travel Services is a tour operator that creates and delivers tours and vacation packages throughout Asia and select countries in South America – destinations include China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile.

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