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First Survey On Female Travel Expenditures By Age

Updated: May 20, 2021

Surprising Results from The Women's Travel Group

UNITED STATES - April 14th, 2021 - The Women's Travel Group and Staying Afloat Blog announce the results of the first survey quantifying Female Spending on Travel by Age. The survey covers budget, group size, travel research, duration, inclusions, splurges, and more. It is useful for tour companies and travel agents in their post pandemic planning.

Some of the surprising results are:

Older women look for small group size with budget splurges used for experiences and tours. Younger women are keener on friends/family group and splurge on food experiences. Neither group mentioned interest in shopping as part of travel.

All ages plan some some of their own travel; the 65+ group combines self planning with professional help.

Not surprisingly 81% of those surveyed use in this order: books (39%), movies (28%) and podcasts (13%) for travel information.

Most popular was one week duration travel. Boomers want longer vacations than other groups. Boomer travel budgets were the biggest, more than Milennials.

The full survey is here:

The Women's Travel Group is a pioneer in travel for 50+ women. The company offers small group tours to unusual destinations. Staying Afloat is an engaging travel blog series for young women travelers.

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Karen Lake - Senior Contributor

Karen is a senior contributor at and brings with her a wealth of knowledge about the travel industry. Karen is a native of the USA and has held various media and PR positions over the last 10 years. Karen is a graduate of Washington State University.

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