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Interest In Food Travel To The Philippines Has Travelers Wanting Seconds

Updated: May 20, 2022

Following a San Francisco and NYC Food Influencer Campaign lead by Wayne’s World Media, the Philippines is Getting Lots of Attention from Hungry Travelers (and Travelers Hungry for more!)

UNITED STATES - March 4th, 2022 - With a spotlight promotion on the Filipino kitchens on both coasts of the United States, interest in Filipino cuisine and travel experiences skyrockets because of an innovative campaign developed by the award-winning boutique travel agency, Wayne’s World Media.

Notable food influencers in NYC and San Francisco have focused awareness of the authentic Filipino food experiences available in these two legendary cities. The campaign has garnered the attention of the highly sought-after segment of Millennial travelers in the United States. The groundswell of interest in Philippines Travel from the United States has also caught fire among Baby Boomers in the wake of the mouthwatering food campaign, which has happily coincided with the announcement of more flexible and easy options for international travelers in the wake of COVID. On February 10, 2022, the Philippines started to accept fully vaccinated international travelers from visa-free countries, which the U.S. is.

This ongoing targeted promotional campaign has proven that the intoxicating beauty and exotic tropical experiences that await global travelers come to life in the slogans, “Eats Better in the Philippines”, and “It’s Better with in the Philippines with YOU”. The enchantingly beautiful landscapes and welcoming cultures make up 7,100 islands of the Philippines.

With such heralded food influencers as Allie Tong (@allieeats), Ben Hon (@stuffbeneats), Caitlin Sakdalan (@befatbehappy) and Yusra Wahab (@letsnomnom_) scouring their respective cities seeking the tastes, textures and flavors that exemplify both gourmet meals and soul-enriching street food coming from top Filipino Kitchens, the campaign has garnered attention around the globe.

Wayne V. Lee, Jr., President of Wayne’s World Media commented, “We all travel on our stomachs, and food experiences bring a culture to life through a phalanx of senses – sight, aroma, taste, beauty, emotion and touch. There’s no better way to understand a culture, especially a culture as complex and varied as the Philippines.”

The Philippines has long been one of the most sought-after island destinations, with unparalleled diversity of culture, world-class watersports and scuba diving, and breathtaking landscapes. The Philippine’s strong sense of place and cultural immersion and authenticity keep the destination atop the list of intrepid U.S. travelers looking to explore a remarkable and extraordinary corner of the world.

About The Author

Karen Lake - Senior Contributor

Karen is a senior contributor at and brings with her a wealth of knowledge about the travel industry. Karen is a native of the USA and has held various media and PR positions over the last 10 years. Karen is a graduate of Washington State University.


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