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Interest In Travel To The Czech Republic Soars In The USA

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Following the promotion of their Stories of Resilience, this Central European Country is Getting Lots of Attention from Millennial Travelers

New York, USA - June 23rd, 2021 - With a spotlight on the heartwarming experiences of locals and local businesses during the pandemic, the Czech Republic’s Stories of Resilience, developed by the tourism office, has garnered the attention of the highly sought-after segment of Millennial travelers in the United States.

As the groundswell of interest in European Travel from the United States has caught fire in the wake of the widespread vaccinations, many of the newly vaccinated are looking for unique and authentic experiences for their first overseas travel since the lockdown in early 2020.

In the wake of a targeted promotion campaign, the resilience of this storied Central European destination has proven that Prague, known as the “handsomest city of Europe”, and the intoxicatingly beautiful landscapes and welcoming culture that make up “Bohemia” have not lost their magical appeal for travelers looking for distinctive and exceptional experiences.

The video series focused on the experiences of café owners, bicycle tour guides, ballet dancers, chefs and others that make up the fascinating human landscape of the Czech Republic’s capital. Each video took an unflinchingly and emotionally touching and revealing look at the changed lives of the locals and how they turned their shared experiences into an opportunity to help support their community and country. In doing so, each video revealed a deeper insight into the sights, sounds and culture of the Czech Republic that has resonated deeply with both global and US travelers.

The short, 7-day promotion on Facebook and Instagram garnered nearly 1M views and more than 208 hours of watched videos, with more than 65% of the audience coming from 25-44 age group. The videos and promotion outperformed industry averages by 250%, revealing a strong desire for the Czech Republic travel experience, with click-throughs coming in a close second at 186% above industry averages.

The Czech Republic has long been one of the “insider” destinations of Europe, with unparalleled historic cities and immersive, unforgettable nature and outdoor travel experiences. The Czech Republic’s strong sense of place and authenticity keeps the destination atop the list of savvy US travelers looking to explore an exceptional and distinctive corner of the world.

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Karen Lake - Senior Contributor

Karen is a senior contributor at and brings with her a wealth of knowledge about the travel industry. Karen is a native of the USA and has held various media and PR positions over the last 10 years. Karen is a graduate of Washington State University.

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