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Mundo Maya Organization Announces Virtual Event Aimed At Travel Industry

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Mundo Maya organization will hold a virtual business event on July 27 to 29, 2021

June 22nd, 2021 - The Mundo Maya organization will hold a virtual business event on July 27 to 29, 2021 with the goal of continuing to position the region through online activities that allow for interaction between entrepreneurs of the Mundo Maya region and the tourism sector across North and South America.

The Mundo Maya Organization aims to position its region, once home to the ancient Mayan civilization, as a multi-destination. The 1,440-mile archaeological and ecological circuit runs through Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and five states in southern Mexico.

Within the borders of these five nations, a variety of ecosystems are found. These range from humid tropical forests, salt marshes and jungles, to highlands and mountain ranges reaching heights of 9,000 feet (2,700 meters), and the Caribbean coast, with the world’s second-largest barrier reef and some of its most beautiful beaches.

The region is also home to more than 200 monumental astronomical complexes that once served to map the skies for the ancient Maya. Today, the Mayas, who still inhabit the region — descendants of scientists, artists, warriors and merchants — participate in the creation of a sustainable tourism product that shares their natural and cultural inheritance with the world through the Mundo Maya Organization.

Given the suspension, and now reactivation, of tourism worldwide due to the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, commonly called Covid-19, the Mundo Maya Organization has sought to use technology as a method for the development of commercialization actions. The offer of Mundo Maya is one of the most attractive in this reopening world, not only for its cultural offer but also for its offer of outdoor activities, since a large percentage of the activities we offer are adventure, ecological and sustainable — an ideal experience for today's traveler.

It is estimated that around 200 exhibitors representing the tourism sectors of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico will participate in the virtual event, along with 250 buyers, wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents from all five domestic markets as well as North American markets such as the U.S., Canada, Panama and the Dominican Republic and South American markets including Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

A calendar of pre-established appointments will be established, with a duration of 15 minutes between buyers and exhibitors. In addition to appointments, buyers will be able to enter the platform to make last-minute appointments and visit the virtual stands of the exhibitors.

Likewise, the tourism ministries of the Mundo Maya member countries will be able to share updated protocols, reopening details for each country and relevant news from each region of interest to buyers.

To participate in the virtual meeting buyers can register at:

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