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St. Lawrence Cruise Lines Completes Safe And Successful Cruising Season

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Vaccination Requirements and Safety Measures a Resounding Success

CANADA - October 27th, 2021 - Kingston, ON: St. Lawrence Cruise Lines has successfully completed their 2021 cruise season, and their passengers have responded with strong reviews, with 93% of passenger evaluations indicating a willingness to cruise with them again. The cruise line ran overnight cruises on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, with no incidences of Covid-19 reported over the season. The decision to resume operations was incited by a strong consumer demand from cruise enthusiasts who were eager to resume travel.

During the season, all passengers and crew were required to be vaccinated, as well as tested prior to boarding the vessel. Additional COVID-19 safety measures were in full effect in all aspects of the cruise vacation experience, including physical distancing, mask protocols, and a ship-wide disinfectant regime.

“We believe that the safe and successful completion of our 2021 season proves that we can deliver a fulfilling cruise vacation with the highest levels of hospitality, while maintaining equally high standards of COVID-19 safety measures for everyone on board.” said Jason Clark, President of St. Lawrence Cruise Lines.

The cruise line operates a single vessel, the CANADIAN EMPRESS, which features 32 staterooms with twin fixed beds, private bathrooms, and access to fresh air and a view of the river. Clark cited that one of the highlights of the 2021 season was the 40th Anniversary celebration of the christening of the ship in 1981.

“Despite the challenges that we have all faced in the last year, it was wonderful to recognize the longevity of our company and the ongoing contributions to our success from passengers and crew, both past and present.”

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