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STAAH Reveals The Top Online Travel Booking Channels For 2020

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

The commission-free STAAH booking engine comes to hoteliers’ aid as the accommodation industry comes out of a pandemic-struck 2020.

February 15th, 2021 - STAAH has revealed the top online booking channels for 2020. Varying across the world’s top tourism destinations, the lists reveal the successes of both direct booking strategies for accommodation providers and the growth strategies of online travel agents.

“It is clear that accommodation providers across the board are actively seeking to drive direct bookings, through greater knowledge and technology innovation by distribution platforms,” says Tony Howlett, Chief Operating Officer at STAAH Ltd. “It is heartening to see that the STAAH booking engine is delivering results to our partners as they recover from an unprecedented year.”

Direct bookings via STAAH have climbed up globally from the number 6 spot to number 3, beating some of the top online channels.

Among online travel agents, comes up strong in helping properties acquire guests. “As a preferred partner for, our platform has evolved and added many features to ensure a seamless connection with this channel that delivers reach and optimise conversion through a dynamic rate management strategy,” adds Tony.

The debut of Airbnb in the lists across countries represents how the vacation rental sector has been adopted by hoteliers as they see the benefit in selling authentic experiences and not just a room. In the last year as sales have dipped across the board, Airbnb has taken key measures to remain relevant, including adding flexibility into its bookings via refunds and adding the now essential health and safety layer.

Expedia made it to the top three in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Sri Lanka. India continues to be dominated by go-MMT.

The hotel distribution giant partners with more than 10,000+ accommodation providers across 90+ countries via its 300+ online connections.

STAAH is integrated with 300+ partners around the world so you can reach further globally.

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