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The Show Goes On For The 2020 International Festival Of Santa Lucía In Mexico

One of Latin America's largest cultural events offers a 27-day digital program of events to enjoy from the comfort of home

October 20th, 2020 - Since October 11th the Santa Lucia International Festival has been broadcasting performances from over 300 artists on its social media platforms for a global audience, while at the same time bringing the arts to neighborhoods in Monterrey, Mexico.

With performances scheduled up to November 29th, the Santa Lucia International Festival producers are not taking health precautions lightly and will be publishing line-ups on Sundays for the following week in alliance with the current health situation in the city and the state's health indicators.

"We know the importance of culture, that is why in this 2020 edition, in the global context of health, sanitary and security measures, we had to find a way to continue the festival and face the pandemic head-on."

Lorenia Canavati von Borstel, President of the Festival Internacional de Santa Lucía.

Canavati von Borstel goes on to explain that the Festival will utilise virtual technology, digital and electronic media, as well as mobile stages and pop-up shows in support of our artists, "to show the world what can be done in Mexico."

Most events will not be performed to a live audience and will be done either digitally or pre-recorded. An innovative traveling stage will take performances to neighborhoods around Monterrey allowing locals to experience a flavour of the festival.

The 13th edition of the FISL will feature 27 performance days over a 7 week period using the slogans of 'hope, unity, gratitude, pride, love, inspiration, and joy'. The festival line-up will include 85 cultural and artistic events performed in 32 locations with more than 340 artists, 4 concerts and 2 exhibitions.

The Santa Lucia International Festival started in 2008 and in the 12 editions of the festival so far there have been more than 8 million visitors attending 324 festival days, with 3,195 events performed by 24,095 artists from 80 countries and backed up by the support of 791 volunteers.


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