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Top 10 Wildlife Safaris In Kenya For Group And Family Travel In 2023

Updated: May 23, 2023

Cruzeiro Safaris based in Kenya and established in 2004 offers a wide range of guided safaris for both groups and families. Here is a list of their top 10 selling safaris for anyone looking to book a Kenya safari.

Top 1: Wilderness Safari for 8 days By Road -

Top 2: Family travel Adventure 8 days Amboseli, Tsavo and Mombasa -

Top 3: Serena Safari 7 days by flights -

Top 4 : Safari ndovu 6 Days by Road -

Top 5: Safari Twiga 9 days by flights and Road -

Top 6: Kichwa Tembo Luxury Camp by flights (can be extended to any number of days) -

Top 7 : Governors Camps Safaris by Flights (can be extended to any number of days) -

Top 8: Lake Nakuru and Masai Mar 4 days by Road -

Top 9: Kempinski experience safari luxury 7 days in Kenya -

Top 10: Kenya safari 9 days Start in Nairobi and end Mombasa -

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