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Tourists Can Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro And Safari In Tanzania With Roam Wild Adventure

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

This woman-owned sustainable tourism company provides socially responsible treks while giving back to the local community.

TANZANIA - May 25th, 2022 - Roam Wild Adventure announces it is accepting reservations for Kilimanjaro mountain treks, Serengeti safaris and other adventures in Tanzania.

Available excursions for the 2022 season include:

· Five Kilimanjaro treks, each following a unique route to the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain. Choose among the popular eight-day Lemosho Route trek, the six-day trek on the Marangu route featuring dormitory-style accommodations, the scenic nine-day Northern Circuit route, which offers the highest success rate — and more options in between.

· Four Tanzanian safaris, ranging from two to five days. Each safari provides guests with a chance to see the “big five” animals: the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and African buffalo.

· Private tours for a personalized experience. Available for guests who wish to experience their Tanzanian adventure with a select group of family and friends.

· Coming soon: Fun-filled voyages to Zanzibar Island. Guests can tour spice plantations, visit wildlife sanctuaries or relax on pristine beaches.

“Our first visit to Tanzania touched us deeply,” said Roam Wild Adventure’s co-founder Helen. “We realized we wanted to become part of the trekking industry in Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of this special place, its people and environment while bringing others here to enjoy it. Our purpose is to give people the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of adventure while creating a community around sustainable and responsible adventure tourism.”

At the heart of its mission, Roam Wild Adventures emphasizes caring for its employees, the environment and the community by partnering with grassroots organizations. In support of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), Roam Wild Adventure provides its porters with fair wages and ethical treatment as they assist guides up the mountain.

Throughout their adventures, guides ensure that the group follows the principles of Leave No Trace, a group committed to keeping the wilderness litter-free for future generations to enjoy. Even the food that is served on treks is locally sourced to support the Tanzanian economy.

While anyone can enjoy the splendors of Tanzania, the mountain treks are recommended for experienced hikers in fairly good shape. Certain routes are more challenging than others, but all include ample opportunity for hikers to acclimatize to the higher elevations. Conditions can be harsh at the summit, with strong winds and freezing temperatures. The day leading up to the summit is particularly difficult, a 16-18 day featuring the final ascent of 1500 meters followed by a descent of 3000 meters.

Travelers have the option to add leisure days before or after their treks. Options include swimming at Majichemka Hot Springs, touring underground caves in Chaga, visiting Ndoro Kilasia waterfalls and joining the harvest at a local coffee farm.

The safari adventures are conducted in 4x4 vehicles with knowledgeable guides who are experts on local wildlife. Travelers will have the chance to tour the Serengeti — home to more than 25,000 mammals and 550 bird species. Guests can also marvel at the world's largest inactive volcanic caldera at Ngorongoro Crater and witness the Great Wildebeest Migration during certain times of the year.

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