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US Company Launches Anti-Virus Coating Technology Exclusively For Travel & Hospitality Sector

XTI-360™ is a continuously acting, anti-germ, surface coating that provides a protective barrier, killing and vaporizing dangerous virus and bacteria germs upon contact for over a year.

November 17th, 2020 – The developer, American CleanCoating Company, hopes that its XTI-360™ nanocoating technology will play a part in helping hospitality companies deliver peace of mind to guests at hotels, restaurants and other facilities as well as to their own employees. XTI-360™ works as a continuously acting, anti-germ, surface coating that provides a protective barrier, killing and vaporizing dangerous virus and bacteria germs upon contact. The company claim the product has 99.99% efficacy (US SGS lab tested), and is free of any chemical binders and leaves no toxic residue from dead germs.

The self-cleaning coating works continuously, and one treatment lasts for at least one year. It can be applied to virtually any surface, indoors and out. The coating is 100% green, non-toxic, non-flammable, and RoHS compliant, so it can be used on surfaces common in the hospitality industry, such as food preparation and storage stations, and, XTI-360™ can keep guest rooms allergy-free.

In addition to preventing surface transmission of germs and viruses, XTI-360™ can also be used to combat the spread of harmful airborne microbes. When applied to components of a building's HVAC system, such as ducts and filters, the coating continuously kills virus and bacteria germs in recirculating air as they pass through a facility's ventilation systems. This also assists facilities in killing all odours, including smoke and those associated with pet-friendly rooms.

"We wanted to provide a way to support the hospitality industry through the COVID pandemic by bringing an advanced technology solution that delivers peace of mind for business owners, employees, and guests, assuring that facility surfaces are germ-free,"

Joel Hartstone, CEO

Hartstone continues, "XTI-360™ is an innovative solution that continuously kills and vaporizes dangerous virus and bacteria germs without constant reapplication. And because it's safe, businesses can feel confident about this sustainable solution as they reopen to guests." American CleanCoating Company (“ACC”) is formed and based in the United States of America. ACC coats surfaces in buildings, building contents (furniture, fixtures, carpeting, curtains, etc.), aircraft, cruise ships, autos, entertainment and sports venues, and all kinds of manufactured products, with XTI-360. Their products are designed to reduce contact transmission and cross-infection of virus and bacteria germs through the application of advanced technological solutions.

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