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Voyagers Travel Company Creates Innovative Price Estimator Tool For Galapagos Travel

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Voyagers Travel Company a specialist in South America travel, has launched a price estimator tool for Galapagos trips

BUDD LAKE, New Jersey and QUITO, Ecuador June 24th, 2022- Voyagers Travel Company a specialist in South America travel, has launched its price estimator tool for Galapagos trips: If you are sure you want to go to the Galapagos Islands, this tool will allow you to have a deeper insight about the options, tours, and programs. You can get an immediate estimate of the cost of your trip to Galapagos.

The calculator gives you an estimate quote for your Galapagos trip, using predetermined prices, you are able to compare and analyze the possible costs and options that you, as a Galapagos traveler, can customize and adapt before your trip. Based on the average of existing prices and selected preferences one is able to calculate an estimate of how much the trip will cost, so that later an expert travel planner at Voyagers Travel can aid you with the perfect itinerary and planning of your trip.

If you are planning to visit the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, the team at Voyagers Travel, have compiled all the necessary information for you to estimate your trip costs and have written the most complete travel planning resource on the enchanted isles: If you are dreaming of traveling to the this unique corner of our planet there are many options for different types of budgets for you to choose from.

With a simple and straightforward system, the price estimator will calculate the amount that the trip of your dreams will cost you. Basic information such as the amount of people you are planning to travel with, or whether you want to go on a land-based or cruise-based trip will be entered in the calculator for a more precise result.

How does it work?

1. Select the type of trip you wish to have: Want to experience the Galapagos on board a Cruise or do you want to stay at a hotel and do a Land Based program?

2. Select the number of people that are traveling

3. Enter the trip length and your flight route

4. Based on the program selected, choose the category you would like to travel in

5. Make sure all fields are complete, click on calculate to get your estimate.

Now, with a few simple inputs, our price estimator will be able to tell you the following:

· Price of the cruise or accommodation

· Explore various Galapagos tour options

· Total estimated price of regional flights

· Total estimated cost for an airport transfer, Galapagos fees

· Total estimate price per person


In addition to the aforementioned estimate calculations, you will have the option to expand the itinerary with a day tour and a hotel night.

Voyagers Travel Company, are a fully bonded tour operator with administration and marketing offices in the United States, Europe and Ecuador. Our call centers and operations offices are located in the countries of destination. If you plan a visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands you will be able to speak with a travel advisor that is currently in Ecuador, the company’s operations staff is local as well. From the beginning of your booking process your Voyagers experience is fluid, you get first hand information from a real destination expert, no second hand information here. This applies for all the destinations Voyagers operate in: South America: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Peru.

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Karen is a senior contributor at and brings with her a wealth of knowledge about the travel industry. Karen is a native of the USA and has held various media and PR positions over the last 10 years. Karen is a graduate of Washington State University.


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